Control Center overview


The Control Center displays important data about your Domino deployment. From the Control Center, you can view deployment-wide usage of compute resources by hours of runtime or spend in USD. You can also drill down into detailed statistics on projects, hardware tiers, and users. The control center data is also available for export if you’d like to create your own reports or analysis.


Who can access the Control Center?

At this time, only Domino Admins can view the Control Center. The Control Center shows detailed deployment-wide statistics and granular data on users and projects, and its functionality depends on the user having Admin permissions.

If you need access to the Control Center, contact your local Domino Administrator or email

How do I open the Control Center?

If you have access to the Control Center, you’ll find a link to it in the Switch To menu.


What metrics are available in the Control Center?

When you first open the Control Center, you’ll see a bar chart of deployment compute spend in USD for each day in the current month.


About compute spend

Compute spend is based on settings applied by admins when creating and managing hardware tiers. Compute spend data will only be available in the Control Center if the “cents per minute” property is set on the hardware tier in use. These numbers also only represent active usage, and do not reflect other potential spend like idle cloud resources or storage.

You can change the date range shown with the dropdown menu in the upper right, and you can switch the chart to display compute usage by hours of runtime with the dropdown in the upper left.

Below the deployment-wide chart is a panel that displays more granular data on projects, users, and hardware tiers across the selected date range. You can chart these by the following metrics:

  • Projects can be charted by compute spend (USD) or compute hours
  • Users can be charted by compute spend (USD) or compute hours
  • Hardware tiers can be charted by average run queue time in minutes


This chart will display the top five results for the chosen metric. When you have the chart set to display data on users, there will also be a View all link you can use to load a paginated table with detailed usage statistics for all users.


By default this table will show data for the date range that was set on the previous page. There’s a dropdown menu in the top right you can use to change the date range if desired.

Drilling down for more details

Many of the tables and charts support drilling down for more detail on a specific item. Clicking on one of the bars in a Control Center bar chart to see an expanded and detailed page on the related project, user, or hardware tier.

Some of these pages will also display a table of related runs. You can click an entry in a Run Logs table to view the specified run in the project Runs UI.

Control center hardware tier page

This page shows performance averages for runs that use the specified hardware tier, and tracks completed runs. Details on all runs performed on the specified hardware tier are listed in the Run Logs table. Click an entry in the table to view the specified run in the project Runs UI.


Control center project page

This page breaks down project spend across Apps, Batch Runs, Endpoints, Launchers, Scheduled Runs, and Workspaces. All runs executed in the project are detailed in the Run Logs table. Click an entry in the table to view the specified run in the project Runs UI.


Control center user page

This page shows detailed data on a user’s activity in Domino. The top of the page has charts showing the types of runs this user starts, which projects the user works in, and which hardware tiers the user uses. You can click on bars in the project and hardware tier charts to view the object represented. All runs started by this user are detailed in the Run Logs table. Click an entry in the table to view the specified run in the project Runs UI.