License usage reporting


Administrators can use configurable thresholds to track user behavior across the platform for the purposes of identifying users who are taking up a Domino license. Users who access Domino only to consume data science products, view results, and run Launchers are not counted as taking up a practitioner license.

Once a user performs a data science workflow like starting a Run or publishing a Model, the user will be considered a practitioner for the purposes of licensing.

Tracking user license types

To view user information and identify users who are taking up a license, open the Admin interface by clicking Admin at the bottom of the main menu, then click Users.


From this interface, admins can see:

  • What license type a user is assigned
  • How many data science practitioner workloads a user has run
  • The most recent activity for a user

This allows admins to identify inactive users who are taking up a practitioner license, and there is an option in this interface to free up the license by deactivating the user.

Generating user activity reports

The same data on license types, practitioner workloads, and recent activity that is shown in the Users table is available as a downloadable CSV report. To generate a report manually, from the Admin interface click Advanced > User Activity Report.


Admins can specify the following parameters for the report:

  • A date range they want data from
  • How far back to set the threshold for including actions in the recent activity section
  • A specific project or organization to get data about
  • Email addresses to receive copies of the report

It’s also possible to configure Domino to send User Activity Reports on a regular cadence. To set this up, click Advanced > Central Config from the Admin interface, then set the following options.

Namespace: common
Key: com.cerebro.domino.Usage.ReportRecipients
Value: comma-separated list of email addresses to receive automated reports
Default: empty

Namespace: common
Key: com.cerebro.domino.Usage.RecentUsageDays
Value: number of days back to set as the threshold for recent activity
Default: 30


The cron entry is set in UTC.

Namespace: common
Key: com.cerebro.domino.Usage.ReportFrequency
Value: cron string for how often to send usage reports
Default: 0 0 2 * * ? (daily at 02:00)