Change the default project for new users


By default, every new user in Domino is the owner of a quick-start project. This project is created when the user signs up, and it contains many useful sample files that show how to take advantage of Domino features, plus a detailed README.


Admins can replace the default quick-start with one or more customized new-user default projects.

Setting custom new-user default projects

First, create the projects that you want all new users to own a copy of upon signup. These projects should have names, descriptions, and READMEs that make it clear to new users what they’ll find in the project. These projects can be owned by any user, however they should be Private projects.

Record the username and project name paths for these projects. For example:


Note that the name of the project will be reproduced for new users. If you set the example projects above as default projects, all new users will own copies at:


Once your projects are ready for use by new users, set the following central configuration option.

Namespace: common
Key: com.cerebro.domino.frontend.overrideDefaultProject
Value: string of comma separated project paths

For the examples shown above, the value of this setting would be:
admin-user/getting-started-project, admin-user/sample-app-project