Project stage configuration

As a data science leader, you have the ability to define a set of custom project stages that users in Domino can use to label their projects for creating useful views in the Projects Portfolio. These stages can be used to mark a project’s progress through the workflow and life cycle your team uses. To learn more about how users interact with and set project stages, read about stage and status in the projects overview

To set up the stages that will be available to users in your Domino platform, open the Admin interface, then click Advanced > Project Stage Configuration.


On the project stage configuration interface, you can click Add Record to create a new stage label that will be available for Domino users to set on their projects. The record at the top of the list is the default stage all new projects created in Domino will have, and projects can be changed to any other available stage.


These stages are a custom set of labels that allow your Domino users to communicate progress in a project to their colleagues and to leadership. It’s up to you as a data science leader to determine the stages that you want available, and to communicate to your team how they should be used.

Domino recommends setting up a custom default project for new users with information in the README about your teams practices, available environments, and how users should use project stages.