Datasets administration


Domino administrators have four important responsibilities when managing Domino Datasets:

  1. periodically check the Datasets administration interface
  2. monitor and track storage consumption
  3. set limits on usage per-Dataset
  4. handle deletion of Dataset snapshots

Accessing the Datasets administration interface

To access the Datasets administration interface, click Admin from the Domino main menu to open the Admin home, then click Advanced > Datasets.


Monitoring Datasets usage

The Datasets administration page shows important information about Datasets usage in your deployment. At the top of the interface is a display that shows:

  • total storage size used by all stored Snapshots
  • the size of all storage used by Snapshots marked for deletion

Below that display is a table of all Snapshots from the history of the deployment. This table can be sorted by Snapshot status, size, and the name of the containing Dataset.


Setting limits on Datasets usage

There are two important central configuration options administrators can use to limit the growth of storage consumption by Datasets.

Namespace: common
Value: number
Default: 20
This option controls the maximum number of active Snapshots that may
be stored in a Dataset. Snapshots marked for deletion are not active
and do not count against this limit.

Namespace: common
Value: number
Default: 20
This option controls the total number of Snapshots of any status that
may be stored in a Dataset.

If a Dataset reaches one of these limits, attempting to start a run with a Dataset configuration that could output a new Snapshot will result in an error message. Before additional Snapshots can be written, you will need to delete old snapshots or increase the limit.

Administrators can authorize individual projects to ignore these limits with an option in the Hardware & environment tab of the project settings.


Deleting Snapshots from Datasets

Administrators can delete individual Snapshots at any time with the Delete button at the end of the row representing the Snapshot in the Datasets administration UI. Clicking this button will open a confirmation dialog, and if you choose to confirm, the Snapshot will be permanently deleted.


To avoid losing user data, Domino recommends following a two-step process for Snapshot deletion, where the user who owns the Dataset marks a Snapshot for deletion, and then an administrator takes action to delete the Snapshot if reasonable. Non-administrator users can never permanently delete Snapshots on their own.

From the Datasets administration UI, you’ll find a button you can click to Delete all marked snapshots, and you can also sort the table of Snapshots by status to find and examine all Snapshots that have been marked for deletion.