Domino integration with Atlassian Jira

Domino can integrate with Atlassian Jira to enable users to interact with Jira from inside a Domino project.

This document describes how to link Domino to Jira. Once this configuration is done, users with a Domino account and a Jira account can link them via OAuth.


Domino supports both Jira Cloud and Jira Server version 7.1.6+. For Jira integration to work, an application link needs to be configured between Domino and Jira.

This process requires system administrator access to Domino and also a Jira account with admin permissions.


Step 1:

In the Domino admin UI, under Advanced click Feature Flags. Set ShortLived.JiraIntegrationEnabled to True.

Step 2:

In the Domino admin UI, under Advanced click Jira Configuration. Provide the URL of your Jira service then click Add configuration.


You will need the details on this page in subsequent steps. Please note the Public Key, Incoming Consumer Key and Incoming Consumer Name as these won’t be visible once you move away from this screen.

This step adds the relevant central config values and need a restart of the Domino services. Click the restart services link.

Step 3:

Log in to your Atlassian/Jira account. Note that you would need to have admin privileges on this account to proceed further.

  1. Click the gear icon to open setting, then click Products


  2. Click Application Link under the Integrations section

  3. Provide your Domino URL then click Create New Link

  4. A popup box with your URL pre-filled should appear. Ignore the warning that you see and click continue.


  5. Provide the Application Name that was generated in Step 2 above

  6. You can leave rest of the field empty or if it’s required for your deployment, fill it with dummy values

  7. It’s mandatory to click on the checkbox at the end of the form before you click Continue. Please note the below screenshot for reference


  8. Click on Continue and in the next form and provide the Consumer Name, Consumer Key and Public Key from Step 2


All projects which have a Jira ticket linked to them will be visible in the Jira Configuration page (Admin -> Advanced -> Jira Configuration). An Admin can choose to unlink projects directly from this screen for all the projects.

Reconfigure / Remove Jira Integration

Domino can be reconfigured to use another Jira instance or delete the configuration with the following steps:

  1. Unlink all jira linked projects
  2. Go to Jira Configuration Page and delete current configuration
  3. Follow the steps in Configuration section to link a new connection