Domino 4 runs entirely in your Kubernetes cluster, and the infrastructure can me managed with Kubernetes native tools ike kubectl.

There are two types of nodes used by Domino:

  • Platform nodes

    Platform nodes, labeled with true, host the Domino application, frontends, and supporting data, metadata, and authentication services. This means that these nodes host a fixed collection of Kubernetes pods.

  • Compute nodes

    Compute nodes, labeled with <node-name> host user jobs and published Domino Models and Apps. The workload hosted by these nodes will change with user demand, and using an elastic cloud cluster will allow for automatic scaling of this pool to meet the needs of active users.

Read the Architecture overview to learn more.

Domino System Administrators also have access to an admin UI that allows for some configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of the platform directly from the application. To open the admin UI, click Admin from the Domino main menu.


For more information on managing Domino from the admin UI, read the guides below.